In this immersive theatrical experience, audience members passed through an immigration line on their way to war-torn Ephesus. A warden spun the "wheel of misfortune" to determine who would be executed as a warning to the new citizens. But when the inmate playing the Duke decides to suspend the sentence, chaos ensues. Each night a company of 10 actors rotated through all roles, genders and classes as determined by chance and audience choice.


This workshop was co-produced by Accidental Shakespeare Company, which is known for their playful approach to text and their "Hit and Run Shakespeare" performances, where actors performed plays fully memorized, but unrehearsed. Ben created this structure of random role changes to both capture the same unpredictable energy that Accidental audiences have come to expect, and to provoke debate about the roles we play in life. At the end of the play, the audience determined the final act of mercy or justice.


Produced by Accidental Shakespeare Company & Re:Verse Theatre


Cast: Christopher Gebauer, John Hardin, Swati LaPerre, Whit Leyenberger, Equiano Mosieri, Rachel Ritacco, Christine Sanders, Elizabeth Spano, Lindsay Tanner, and Kelly Zekas

Antipholus of Sycracuse woos Luciana, as performed by different actors on different nights

© 2020 by Ben Prusiner