King Lear

by William Shakespeare


This modern, fast-paced production brought Shakespeare's epic tragedy close to all our lives, asking "what would you do if you lost everything?"

"American director Ben Prusiner brings the storm in this deliciously dark production." Click here to read the full review.

Produced by The York Shakespeare Project.

Featuring Anne Brockett, Cindy Campbell, Alexandra Claire Darlington, Elizabeth Elsworth, Mic Errington, Hannah Forsyth, Paul French, Andrew Isherwood, Sam McAvoy, Sally Mitcham, Carrie Morrison, David Phillipps, Matt Simpson, Emily Thane, Helen Sally Apol Wilson, Jennie Wogan, Charlotte Wood.

Paul French, Charlotte Wood
Jennie Wogan, Andrew Isherwood
Helen Wilson, Paul French
Sally Mitcham (background Emily Thane)
Charlotte Wood, Paul French
Helen Wilson, Emily Thane
Andrew Isherwood, Hannah Forsyth, Helen Wilson, Alexandra Darlington, Jennie Wogan
David Phillipps
Emily Thane, David Phillipps, Cindy Campbell, Matt Simpson

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