Ben was the first male director to helm a production by the experimental all-female Shakespeare company, The Tempest Ladies. Their previous productions have toured in New York and Istanbul.


A key piece of the company's aesthetic involves actresses changing roles onstage. In collaboration with the company, Ben created a framework where an academic panel discussion about the play escalates into a theatrical brawl. By the end, the play has been explored from multiple angles and every character has had a journey of transformation through enacting various parts.

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Produced by The Tempest Ladies at The American Theatre of Actors


Cast: Nikomeh Anderson, Sheila Bandyopadyay, Stella Berg, Laura Borgwardt, Julia Giolzetti, Holly Hart, Shubhra Prakash


Stage Managed by Linnea Gregg. Costumes by Sara Donovan. Lighting by Brigitte Barrau. Poster by Can Misirlioglu. Set designed by Ben Prusiner.

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