by Ben Jonson
adapted by Ben Prusiner

This adaptation of the classical satire on greed set the production on Wall Street and was performed outdoors for free at the height of the 2009 financial crisis. In a climate of finger-pointing, this production asked who was more greedy: the suckers or the suits?


In the middle of the run, the Occupy Wall Street movement began. The producers started a dialogue with the protestors, and many of them risked police harrassment to travel to the performances. Plans to perform at the original Zuccotti Park encampment were dashed when it was dismantled, but some of the cast attended a 24-hour Occupy Broadway event and decided on the spot to perform some scenes. Greed springs eternal, and this production asked what we can learn from the past.


Produced by Re:Verse Theatre


Cast: Tiffany Abercrombie, Jessica Cermak, Julia Griffin, Kyle Minchew, Tyler Moss, Zil Ricker, Ryan Brooke Taylor, Raphael Nash Thompson


Props by Dory Schultz. Costumes by Maggie Ronck. Graphic by Neal Mhaskar. Photos by David Alvarado and Ben Prusiner.

© 2020 by Ben Prusiner